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What is a CD catalog? 
**A CD catalog is a great way to showcase your products.  Each picture is a thumbnail that can be enlarged to show the details of your product.   

**Descriptions can be as detailed as you wish.  You are not limited by space.   You can have up to 700 MB.  

**It is so easy to use, insert it into your computer and it automatically opens up to your catalog - no special programs needed.  It couldn't be easier.

What would be the advantage of a CD catalog?
**A CD catalog is different and will get noticed.  Paper catalogs often get "pitched", get lost on the desk or filed away and are forgotten.  

**A CD catalog is reasonably priced and it is also easy to update when you add new products.  A paper catalog in color is expensive, and expensive to update.  A black and white catalog does not show your product as well as color.  

How much does it cost?
**Set up and design fee is $175 per catalog, if you have a website that I can get all of your information from.  If you do not have a website the fee is $225. 

**You will receive 25 copies of the CD.   Additional CDs are available at a very reasonable price or you can duplicate it yourself.

**Updates $25, which includes a master copy for you to duplicate.

**Save money -- Get a friend or a group of friends to share the CD with you.  Email me for pricing. 

What if I want more CDs?
**When you purchase the album you have the right to make as many copies as you want.  

**If you prefer to buy the copies from me I will duplicate them for you.  Email me for pricing

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