How to resize and compress photos for your website

1.  A Smaller Image is a remarkable product from TriVista. It is the easiest way to resize digital images. Click here to download a free light version.  This program will do many other things, but for your website this is all that you need to do.


2.  Open Smaller Image and open a picture from a file on your computer.  Click on pictures for more detail.
3.  Resize the photo - height should be between 350 and 400.  Choose your height it will automatically set the other one.  Click apply.  If the width is more than 400 resize the height so the width is smaller.
4.  Create a folder on your desktop - photos.  Save your picture in this folder as a jpg. This will make it easier for you to locate your pictures to upload them to your website.  Set the compression at about 40 - 50%.  This will keep the file size down and take less time to load.

When you name your picture do not leave a space between words.  i.e. redquilt.jpg not red quilt.jpg

It is not necessary to give it a complete name - redquilt.jpg could be rq.jpg. You can also use a number. Just remember not to use the same name twice.

5.  Thumbnails (smaller picture) - repeat the steps above except set the height at 200, the width will set itself.  Name the jpg with T for example redquiltT.jpg or rqT.jpg.  When you are uploading your pictures you will know that the T always stands for your thumbnail picture.

Uploading pictures 

You will add a thumbnail and a large image for each product.  URL is where the picture is located.  Usually you will find this on your computer in your picture file.
Click Browse to find an image on your computer.  When you find it click on open and that will put the correct url in the browse box.  Click load image.
After your image as been uploaded click on add to form - this will place the url in the right box on the form.
This is what it will look like after you have uploaded the picture and add the url to the form.

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