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What is included in the promo package with my web design package?
What are search engines and how do I get listed?
What are meta tags and do I need them?
What are banner exchanges and how will they help me?
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How can I promote my website?
What promotion packages are available?

Promotion of your website is essential to get traffic to your website.  A one time submission is included in your initial web design package.  We have hired a company to work with us

Search engines are basically a automated list of millions of websites.  They are organized into categories.  When someone does a search on the web for a keyword the search engine will give them a list of websites that contain the word you are looking for, and if at all possible you want to be on the first page of that list.  Your website must be submitted to the search engines before you are added to their lists.  We will submit your site to over 300 different search engines as part of your initial  web design package.  Yahoo, Excite, Google, Altavista are just a few of the search engines.

A meta tag is a list of keywords that are used by the search engine to find your website.  You will not see the meta tags because they are embedded into the html of your page (html is the web language that your page is written in).  List every word that you can think of that relates in any way to your product or website.

A banner exchange is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website.  Generally the sites that you exchange with have similar products or fit into the same category as your website, such as country, primitive, crafts, etc.  When someone clicks on your banner from another site that person is usually already interested in the kind of products that you offer, so that helps with the traffic and hopefully generates sales.  We will set up banner exchanges with sites that we think will compliment your products and any other sites that you would like to exchange with.  We will set up the first 15 free, any additional links will be subject to additional fees, see maintenance page for more details.

Ultimately promoting your website is your responsibility.  Include your url in everything you send out, from advertisements, listing your site on free for all links, signing guest books on other websites, a tag on all of the products you sell, on the bottom of every email that you send, writing an article or submitting a tip to a magazine and anything else you can think of.  You need to get your website out in from of as many people as possible.  Some forms of promotion you will have to pay for, others are free - use your imagination and creativity. For more information visit

If your site is craft related getting listed in a craft mall is a good idea.  If a visitor comes to your site through a craft mall you know they are already interested in the kind of product that you have, therefore they should stay longer to look at your product line.  When a Craft Mall advertises in a magazine like Country Market Place that brings them a lot of traffic and that will benefit you, even if you were not part of the printed ad.  We are involved in a reciprocal link program with some craft malls that you will be listed on.

Sell MORE of your Arts & Crafts Online!
Promote your web site for MORE traffic & sales!

If you are looking to increase the traffic and sales of your arts and craft web site, we can help! We work with the #1 web site marketing service, which specializes in the arts and crafts industry. We can advertise and promote your craft business across the Internet via search engines, craft directories, indexes, craft classifieds, banner advertising, link exchanges, and more - driving more customers and sales to your website.

We offer 2 monthly web site promotion packages as well as a 1-time package.  In addition to the package features listed below your site will be featured on The Olde Country Peddler mall with links to your site in 6 different categories.  You will also have a mini shoppe set up for your products on the mall.  Your website will be listed in other online malls with links to your website.  Click here for more information.

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